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Aug 21, 2017
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Hannah Grimes Center

Topics:  Executive leadership coaching for established business owners and management alignment

John Ela is a CEO Coach and Strategic Adviser, helping clients achieve greater performance and lower stress. With 30 years of personal CEO experience leading multiple companies, he brings a real world approach to C-level Executive Coaching. He believes that organizational performance is driven by the combination of clear strategies, management alignment, and effective leadership. When these elements are established, Leaders can generate desired results, lead a high performance team, achieve personal work/life harmony, and have a lot more fun. John typically works with leaders of established businesses.

Cost: $0 //  Session length: 1 hour

About Coaching

John Ela is a Hannah Grimes Expert who volunteers his time helping established business owners move out of the day to day business work into a strategic leadership role . At the Experts’ Corner, a dedicated office at the Hannah Grimes Center, John and other volunteers transform the everyday lives of business owners in the Hannah Grimes community.