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Oct 17, 2017
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Hannah Grimes Center

There are many challenges to growing a business and managing customer relationships is a key to that growth. Your customers and leads are the life blood of your business, manage them well and reap the benefits. How? Use technology to customize, migrate and to train you to help you manage your customer relationships. Success takes teamwork, perseverance and knowledge to meet your goals.

  • Overcome the Challenges of Managing Customer Relationships
  • Acquire and cultivate high quality leads
  • Turn leads into sales faster (lead conversion)
  • Automate marketing & sales and reach more customers
  • Service more customers quickly & effectively – achieve higher customer satisfaction
  • Improve organizational efficiency – doing more with less

We want to show you how to use Salesforce to get more done and excel in a competitive environment.

Learn how to do more with less, automate your marketing and your sales cycle using SaleForce. Your donors, volunteers and members interact with your non-profit organization in a multitude of ways, and most non-profits struggle to collect and use the data gathered in these interactions. They tend to use a mixture of spreadsheets and other independent programs to collect and maintain this information. These separate data collection efforts result in “data silos” that make it impossible to maintain, integrate or visualize the full relationship that your constituents have with your organization. Is this your organization?

In this workshop we will check out SalesForce CRM and discover how to uncover your  organization’s business processes, data management and process automation potential so you can overcome business challenges. See how SaleForce helps organizations manage contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities and campaigns.

See how this single source of data gives you the power to expedite your processes, increase your leads and sales, and save valuable resources through automated and connected systems. See how you can run in-depth reports to track the overall progress of goals, and simplify the sales process. This database is powerful, customizable and is the #1 CRM worldwide.

Cost: $20.00