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Mar 28, 2018
8:30 am - 10:30 am

Hannah Grimes Center

Creating Great Places to Work Series

We all play a role in the culture of our workplace, or what it is like to work where we work. People in sanctioned leadership roles (i.e. heads of organizations, managers and supervisors) have a particular impact on the health and well-being of a workplace. In this series of workshops, we look at a few different elements that affect the culture of an organization…and we teach lots of practical tools to make our workplaces even better than they are. Participants can come to as many or as few as they like. Although we weave the thread of Creating Great Places to Work throughout, each workshop stands on its own.

How to Talk & Listen: Effective Communication at Work

(workshop 2 of 4 in the Creating Great Places to Work series)

Communication– expressing ideas and opinions, listening to others, understanding what is heard–is the foundation for healthy and productive workplaces. Honing our communication skills is a lifelong process. In this workshop, participants learn how active listening, emotional intelligence, and effective language can help improve what they do and their relationships with others at work (and throughout their lives). Participants gain helpful communication tools they can use right away, like how to talk and listen for understanding and how to tmanage your own emotions during a challenging situation. These strategies can be used in all dynamics at work–in group and 1:1 settings, peer to peer peer, supervisor to employee, and employee to supervisor.

Cost: $20.00