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May 22, 2018
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Hannah Grimes Center

This workshop will briefly go over the “4 P’s” that are critical for any business to understand and how they are connected. We will than discuss how even if you have a great Product Priced well in a great location (Place) but no one knows about it or where to find it (Promotion) the business will always struggle.

Research shows that in today’s marketplace, experiential marketing strategies are what the consumers respond best to. It is no longer the traditional methods of marketing that focus on just the product, but consumers are now looking for a connection to the company they are dealing with.

Part of the workshop will talk about why it is crucial for companies to develop long-term (strategic) plans for marketing and not rely on just short-term (tactical) plans for marketing. We will also discuss how to balance traditional methods (radio, TV, print, etc) with non-traditional methods, also known as guerrilla marketing, and how a balance of both can achieve the most success for companies.

** Registration is required prior to the workshop.

Cost: $20.00