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Apr 26, 2018
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

UNHI Co-working Space

Our final speaker in this year’s Wildcatalyst Seminar Series is Rana Gupta, CEO of the UMass Amherst spin-out Felsuma LLC, which is commercializing a new adhesive technology called Geckskin®. Geckskin was developed by two UMass Amherst researchers, Dr. Al Crosby and Dr. Duncan Irschick, who were studying geckos’ ability to climb and cling to different surfaces. Their collaboration led to the development of a novel adhesive so powerful that an index card-sized piece can hold 700 pounds on a smooth surface, yet it can be easily released and leaves no residue. Rana was introduced to Dr. Crosby and Dr. Irschick and their work and six months later he launched Felsuma LLC to commercialize the technology.

On top of running his business, Rana is also a teacher in BU’s entrepreneurship program in the areas of entrepreneurial finance, innovation, and technology development.

Felsuma is growing and exploring Geckskin’s potential in many different applications. We look forward to learning more about the technology and Rana’s experience translating university research into real and useful commercial products.