External Reports

Check out these articles from a few of New Hampshire’s startup ecosystem experts.

Sept. 2016: NH Research and Industry

NH University Research and Industry Plan 

Jun. 2016: The Kauffman Index

Growth Entrepreneurship Report – State Trends

May 6, 2016: Business NH Magazine

Financing and the Risk of Business by Mark Kaplan

May 1, 2016: NH Union Leader

How to Get Valuable Feedback on Products by Becky Stoughton

Apr. 18, 2016: NH Small Business Development Center

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Mar. 31, 2016: NH Small Business Development Center

Crowdfunding Basics – An Overview

UNH Center for Venture Research

2015 Angel Market Analysis Report

Dec. 16, 2015: New Hampshire Bar Association

Business Law & Business Litigation: Recent Developments in NH Small Business Laws by Emily Bolton and Matt Benson