Mentors and Advisors Are CriticalsMentors are important for any professional and advisors are important for any stage business. When you’re first starting out keep your eye out for people and organizations that impress you and know much more about a topic than you do. Then, get to know them.

There are two reasons it is important to take your time labeling someone as a mentor or advisor.

First, if you are too hasty you may scare off the person who could be most helpful to you! Spend enough time with them so they know you are professional and serious about your endeavor. They’ll be more likely to naturally engage in problem solving, make connections and offer sage advise.

Second, if you do not truly understand the person’s strengths you may quickly find that the person you have put a lot of stock in does not have the skill, expertise or personality that best supports your next steps. “Unlabeling” them as a mentor or advisor can be tricky.

Enjoy networking. LISTEN. Accept what you don’t know and keep learning.

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