Michele KeuglerWhen I launched PeKu Publications seven years ago, I had almost no publishing experience and absolutely no business experience in my career history. So, why would I ever think that I could launch a multi-publication, online business? Maybe a little bit of it was sheer bravado, but I also knew my own strengths.


First, I know that I am a solid writer and an even better editor. I chose a business in which I knew my own personal skills were strong. Forever I have been the person to find typos in books, on signs, and anywhere else they may be located. In my younger years I was the designated editor of classmates’ work. As a teacher I edited not only student work, but also the work of peers. Writing and editing are two skills with which I am completely comfortable.


Second, I may not have had formal business training, but I do have a background in managing people. That first career of teaching incorporated a great amount of management. While my new crew consists of adults, the rules are the same. Communicate effectively, set expectations, give praise for good work, provide guidance as needed. These strategies and other make for a good leader.


Third, I am an organized person. My husband loves to tease me about my endless supple of checklists, but these are my favorite way to keep track of projects and assignments. With short-term and long-term goals, I am aware of what needs attention now and what can wait. The ability to run numerous projects and oversee a team of people is attainable through my organizational skills.


While these are not my only skills, these three are the most prominent strengths that helped with the launch of PeKu in July 2008. Knowing that I possessed these skills helped me decide to begin my startup journey. As you contemplate your own startup, take some time and inventory your strengths. What do you do well that could help you create a new business?

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