cubby notes logoCubby Notes Founders to Meet with Governor, Live Free and Start Advisory Council Members and Industry Experts.

CONCORD – Continuing her efforts to support innovative, job-creating businesses, Governor Maggie Hassan and Live Free and Start today announced Cubby Notes as the winner of this year’s “Ultimate NH Connection” Tech Startup Competition.

Cubby Notes is an app that gives caregivers and parents one place to communicate, share information and improve the care that children receive. On Tuesday, July 19, founders Dave and Jen Coffin of Dover, New Hampshire will participate in an exclusive hour-long meeting with Governor Hassan and a roundtable of Live Free and Start Advisory Council members, industry experts and childcare professionals who will help connect them with resources to help accelerate their business.

“Cubby Notes is the kind of innovative business that will help New Hampshire lead the way in the 21st century economy, creating good jobs that help expand middle class opportunity and providing an important service that will facilitate communication between childcare providers, caregivers and families,” Governor Hassan said. “I look forward to meeting with the Cubby Notes team to help ensure that they have the resources and connections they need to continue growing their business and working to ensure that all children receive the care and attention that they deserve.”

Daycare worker using tablet to update Cubby Notes

Daycare worker using tablet to update Cubby Notes

The Coffins started working on Cubby Notes in August 2015 after becoming frustrated by the lack of communication they had with their own children’s childcare providers. By streamlining the process that caregivers use to track information, share photos, and communicate with parents, Cubby Notes allows parents to have a more involved role in their children’s day. Cubby Notes was recently featured as one of Live Free and Star’s Innovators of the Week, and is a recent graduate of Alpha Loft’s 2016 Accelerate NH program.

“Cubby Notes was originally created to solve a problem that my wife and cofounder Jen and I experienced daily,” said Dave Coffin. “Now, thanks to the vibrant startup community in New Hampshire and amazing resources for new entrepreneurs, we are able to take our idea to make our lives better and turn it into a business to help people all over the country.  We are putting a lot of time, thought and love into this company, and being selected for the ‘Ultimate NH Connection’ competition will help us find new ways to push our business in the right direction.”

Live Free and Start, a joint initiative between the Governor’s Office, the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority and the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, is aimed at creating jobs and making it easier for innovation-based businesses to start, grow and succeed. The “Ultimate NH Connection” competition was launched last year to help innovative businesses create the connections needed to help their business grow and thrive.

“With Live Free and Start, we are focused on ensuring that the state is responsive to the needs of our business community in order to help make the Granite State an even better place for entrepreneurs to start up and grow their businesses,” said Liz Gray, Director of Entrepreneurship for Live Free and Start. “The variety of industry leaders assembled to meet with the Cubby Notes team is one example of the countless connections that happen every day to support New Hampshire’s growing innovation economy.”

In addition to Governor Hassan, Cubby Notes will with the following key business, state and industry leaders, assembled specifically because of their relevant expertise and experience that will enable them to provide advice to the company:


  • Shaunna Babcock – Executive Director of the NHTI Child and Family Development Center
  • Todd Boucher – Founder of Leading Edge Design, Co-Founder of Hidden Collective and member of the LFS Advisory Council
  • Howard Brodsky – Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of CCA Global Partners
  • Jackie Cowell – Executive Director of Early Learning NH
  • Joshua Cyr – Director of Education and Acceleration at the Alpha Loft
  • Margaret Donnelly – CMO & Co-Founder of AlignMeeting and member of the LFS Advisory Council
  • Liz Gray – Director of Entrepreneurship for Live Free and Start initiative
  • Cellissa Hoyt – State Project Director of Early Learning Alliance (SELA) of NH and Executive Director of Growing Places
  • Mark Kaplan – CEO of the Alpha Loft and member of the LFS Advisory Council
  • Denise Sayer – Vice President of CCA for Social Good


For more information on Cubby Notes, visit More information about the “Ultimate NH Connection” competition is available at


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