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NH BUSINESS REVIEW Cubby Notes founders win ‘Ultimate NH Connection’

Dave Coffin said that “thanks to the vibrant startup community in New Hampshire and amazing resources for new entrepreneurs, we are able to take our idea to make our lives better and turn it into a business to help people all over the country.  We are putting a lot of time, thought and love into this company, and being selected for the ‘Ultimate NH Connection’ competition will help us find new ways to push our business in the right direction.”

NH1 ‘Cubby Notes’ app that helps caregivers, parents wins NH startup competition

Founders Dave and Jen Coffin of Dover, New Hampshire, started working on it last year after becoming frustrated by the lack of communication they had with their own children’s childcare providers. By streamlining the process that caregivers use to track information, share photos, and communicate with parents, Cubby Notes allows parents to have a more involved role in their children’s day.

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