What I ask founders about their management team and the team that they’re bringing together to found the company- the things that I’m looking for are fundamentally do all of the people that are connected with the operation of the business have a passion and a commitment to that business? Because it’s going to take a lot of hard work to turn something and take it from zero to one, and so that’s what they’re going to have.

Beyond that, I want to understand the chemistry: why do these people want to work together? It’s a really hard thing to turn a startup into a business. There’s going to be some pressure, there’s going to be some long nights, some early mornings, and that’s going to cause some stress. There are going to be disagreements. So, how does this team look like it’s going to be able to withstand those challenges and be resilient enough to maintain that commitment, and focus, and passion to be able to turn their idea into a business?

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