With Northeast Angels, we use a software platform called Gust. It allows the investor to put documents into Gust and it allows the investor to look at those documents and determine whether or not they’re interested. There are other programs beyond Gust. What doesn’t work particularly well is placing a phone call because there’s nothing in there that tells me whether or not I really want to spend time on that. If you want to be seriously considered, here’s how we do it; my guess is, because I don’t know, that’s why I say I’m guessing. My guess is that if you’re not sure how to approach an angel investor, and there’s a phone number, you can probably call. But if you go to Gust, or you are on the Angel list, or you go to others, you’ll probably figure out which one of those your investment target actually uses.

If you go to our website (http://northeastangels.com), we’ll point you to Gust, and my guess is others do too. So, you have to present it in a way that the investor asks for your presentation, because if you don’t, you’re wasting your time, because they won’t even look at it. I looked at 150 or so last year and there are groups that look at far more than that. The reason I took some of those calls is because I wanted to increase the flow, but many companies don’t increase the flow. They’re going to make that narrower and more difficult, so it’s incumbent upon you to do the research and figure out how to get there and then make sure if you’re going to present it, that you do it the format they expect.


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