Well, I think that the first thing you should do is set expectations in your own mind of what you’re trying to do and that really, in that very first meeting, is to generate enough interest to get a second meeting. In that first meeting, you’re generally going to have – well, it could be an elevator pitch. It could be two minutes where you catch that angel investor and you’ve got to get something across that makes them want to learn more. More typical, you’re going to have 30 or 45 minutes or an hour before a couple people or an angel group.

In that meeting, you want to get enough points across that people go “ah ha, I want to learn more”. Don’t expect a commitment for finance. Don’t expect, you know, that you’re going to see a path directly to the financing. What you should expect is a path to getting people interested enough that they’ll assign somebody who will take a lead in doing further diligence in learning more about what it is that you’ve got in the business opportunity.

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