You usually only have one shot to make an impression with this group of investors or investor. If you’re lucky and if you provide a good presentation, you may have a second chance. But you’re really going into the room with one shot at this first impression.

When it comes time to make your “ask”, know what you’re asking for. The “ask” is how much money you want. Be confident in that “ask” and be ready to answer tough questions. Be prepared and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Have your very organized, concise, articulated deck, presentation or deck powerpoint, whatever tool you want to use. Then before you step into that room rehearse. You’re asking a group of people or a person for money and to trust you to respect that what you’re presenting will give them a return on investment. So make sure that you’ve gone through this in your mind but also physically rehearse this presentation. Back to the rehearsal part, when you’re rehearsing this, think of all of the possible questions that these investors might ask, particularly the hard ones, and have a good, concise, articulated answer for them and be confident in that presentation.

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