10X sprung out of a desire to bring a number of people together to look at new business opportunities. It was started by John Gargasz and me. We both have defense technology and wireless backgrounds, and we recognized that we saw a lot of opportunities where they just fall outside of those areas. We didn’t have the expertise between the two of us to evaluate those opportunities and see if we wanted to invest, so we brought in a number of other people who had complimentary backgrounds. Everything from retail, to different manufacturing, on to software in different areas that we didn’t have exposure to. It’s amazing what happens around the table when you’re talking to an entrepreneur and you’ve got seven or eight people with different backgrounds and the perspectives they bring to that entrepreneur to either their product, or how they go to market, how they price it because their experiences are broader and different than the ones we had.

Our focus at 10X was to bring about 10 people to the table for every meeting with an entrepreneur’s team and be able to have a broad base of knowledge and perspective in that particular industry that they’re trying to help a business plan around.

The best way to contact us would be through a referral from somebody who already know us, who knows you, has seen your plan, and thinks there’s enough merit to bring it forward to one of the 10X partners.


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