I probably want to start by asking ‘what are your expectations?’ and ‘why would you invest in my company?’.
Most entrepreneurs are very afraid of negative questioning. You need to be able to confirm that you have a customer and that customer will stay with you. But it’s important to acknowledge the negative side of this and check. Ask about your customers’ expectations.

‘Why would you invest in a company like mine? Do you trust me? What are your concerns about me?’ This line of questioning really helps build a bond with that investor. Remember, you’re not selling to them, you’re trying to develop a relationship.
It’s a relationship that will be able to endure the high and low points, over time. You’re going to go through heightened expectations and the drop of disillusionment before you reach a steady state.

It’s going to be a bumpy road. You better pick the people while they’re here to ride with you.


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