The regional development corporations offer various programs to help startups and to help microenterprise businesses grow and expand their operations. Loan products vary anywhere from five thousand dollars, maybe even less than that, up to fifty thousand dollars and sometimes, even more that. It really varies from organization to organization.

It’s important for the regional development corporations to connect with that business, work with that business, and help them and mentor them to help the business owner and their leadership team be able to understand the different products and different programs that are available to a local business to help them grow and succeed.

Really, the local regional development corporation in your community is there to serve you and to serve the business community and its region. And so, we really encourage businesses to come in and meet with us and sit down with us and understand those different programs that are available because really there are many different programs and it really varies, it’s not one size fits all.

It’s more one on one counseling, one on one support from your local regional development corporations. And so, I encourage any startup and other microenterprise businesses and others to come and see us and to sit down with us and we’ll really try to help them access different capital and financing products, and other products that will be hopefully beneficial to their operation.

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