Capital compass is a tool that we developed to help entrepreneurs and business owners to better understand their range of options and to figure out how to get a good start on raising capital. Essentially, what we have found is that by having an online free tool, it helps people to better understand ‘is my business that I’m looking to raise capital for better suited for debt, or for royalty, or equity?’

We have found out that by providing a set of questions that are available online- essentially multiple choice questions- by answering questions about your business, your track record, why you’re raising capital, your aspirations for your business, by answering those type of questions- and it takes about fifteen minutes- essentially you’re able to get a good picture as to whether your business is better suited for debt, royalty, or for equity. And the way it works is that when you answer those questions, each time you answer those questions there’s a dial for debt, dial for royalty, and dial for equity. The dial changes and so you might answer the question in a particular way, you may gain two points for equity and lose four points for royalty, and maybe more. If you don’t understand why there’s a blue question mark each time you click it tells you why, for that answer, you ended up gaining points for equity and losing it for royalty. And so, it’s really an educational tool.

Will capital compass tell you whether you’re going to be successful in raising capital? No, but it’s meant to educate you so that you’re off to a faster start by better understanding whether your business is well suited for a particular type of capital. It’s free, it’s online, you won’t be getting ads or a sales pitch from us. If you did want to send us the results, we’ll be able to provide you a consultation about taking some next steps. But, you know, go online, you can Google it- “capital compass”- and check it out and play with it. We hope that it’s useful.

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